Christchurch Street Pride

Welcome to the 16th Street Pride group in Fenland “Christchurch Street Pride” We are delighted to welcome you to our little home, we hope you enjoy your stay.

The Christchurch Street Pride group consists of members from the village, all trying to make our village an incredible place to live and bring up your children. We run litter walks, and beautification programmes to bring colour and light to the village. It’s also a fantastic place to help your mental health as we meet regularly, (with COVID restrictions this has been more online) at our local community centre, with lots of tea, coffee cakes and biscuits, to chat about everything we as a group can help the community.

Everyone is welcome, this is a project for the community, and it would be wonderful to have more people wanting to support our village. And of course, all PPE equipment is supplied, you just need to bring yourself, and lots of energy.